Umiat area historical articles, dinosaur digs, audio history recordings
links updated 8/23/2012

Colville River Dinosaur Digs

1987 Alaska Bones Clear Comet as Dino Killer NYTimes
1998 Fiorillo photos
1998 Arctic Science Journeys Gangloff interview script
1999 Fiorillo Field Journal
2001 Arctic Science Journeys - Fiorillo script
2002 Alaska Science Forum - Gangloff article
2002 June 24 Chinook Heli Fossil Removal photos1 - 2
2002 Extreme Dinosaurs article
2002 Unlocking Dino Secrets article
2002 July Berkeley article
2002 Fiorillo Dinosaurs of the Arctic article
2004 Fiorillo secures $450k NSF funding article
2005 Alaska Science Forum Kikak-Tegoseakarticle
2005 VECOPolar - Fiorillo article
2005 VECOPolar logistical support
2006 TREC Dinosaur expedition
2006 AK Dino record review - Fiorillo pdf 1mb
2007 Tunneling Project article
2007 APRN Tunneling Description article
2007 Dino Tunnel video article NOVA PBS

Umiat Audio and Written History

1947 Richard Aukerman life and sking in Umiat pdf
1947 Umiat ski trails--hmmm website
1954 Flight (Royal Aero Club) Wolf-sweep pdf 750kb
1954 Using DDT to spray for mosquitos article
1961 AK mosquitos article (pdf 8.5mb) using weasels to spray
1965 Wien pilot Capt. Millard story
Simon Paneak, Killik River resident article
Pilot Edward Ward NPR-A oil exploration transcripts
George Gryc recordings
Bill Brosge recordings
Birdman of Umiat (Clayton White) article

Umiat Oil Exploration Articles

USGS Legacy Well Program, click on publications Website
1944-53 USGS Umiat test wells 1-11 report 15mb
1951- 1980 Misc Umiat Oilfield reports (22.3 mb)
1953 Keys Project (classified) article pdf 1.7mb
1960 Oil Recovery and Formation Damage pdf 1.5mb
1979 Seabee Well drilling history website pdf 3.8mb
1997 E and E Umiat AFS Remediation Report pdf 11mb
1999 DGGS foothills studies pdf
2001 ADEC Colville R oil seep (page 1) brief mention
2001 Umiat Contamination present pdf
2004 Wells 3,4,8,10 Plugging Operations report (870kb)
2004 Umiat Mtn sedimentology USGS publication
2005 Aug19 Umiat Camp NY Times Article pdf
2012 NETL Producing oil from a frozen reservoir article
DEC Contaminated sites database Umiat
USGS Seimic Data Archive
Search for oil seeps txt article - pdf 1.2mb
Umiat quad maps 250k(5mb) - 63k(3.6mb)
Umiat area map - oil well map lidar1 2
Road to Umiat website pdf

Photos and Video

1959 Umiat UFO report
1962 Umiat Airport Walker collection photo1 - photo2 - entire
1963 Umiat with many hundreds of bbls photo
2001 Willian Brosge tribute Umiat photos
2003 Umiat Fire photos
2004 June 16 C133 flight to Umiat photos1 - photos2
2008 UICOS photos
2008 Peter Flaig Umiat photos
2008 Umiat Incinolet training wmv low 4 mb - med 10 mb